Why Is NordVPN Faster Than Other VPNs?


Premium VPN provider NordVPN has recently had its speed compared with other services – and won. But how did this happen, and is NordVPN really the fastest VPN?

By embracing the Wireguard protocol, NordVPN has developed a superfast connection protocol called NordLynx. But how much faster does that make NordVPN than other providers?

To find out, AV-TEST compared NordVPN with other significant providers, setting a baseline for testing and then seeing how they all perform. Among the competitors are ExpressVPN and ProtonVPN, and the results will probably have come as a surprise to them.

The 10-page AV-TEST VPN speed report makes for sobering reading. Until other providers catch up (and they will), NordVPN has the fastest VPN service. Based on the testing conditions, NordVPN is faster than most of its competitors by four times. That is a considerable achievement, something that NordVPN is unsurprisingly very pleased about.

If you’re in the market for a superfast VPN with an audited no logs policy, NordVPN is the ideal choice.

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