Ivacy VPN Announces Partnership With Internxt Cloud Storage

Ivacy VPN

Ever looked at your VPN service and thought “this needs some cloud storage throwing in?” Well if you have, Ivacy VPN has news for you. Its just announced a partnership with Internxt, a “private, secure, free cloud storage service.”

Designed around the concept of “absolute privacy and uncompromising security” Internxt has four packages: a 10GB free option, 20GB for €0.99 a month, 200GB for €4.99/month, and 2TB for €9.99/month.

But where things get interesting is that Ivacy VPN is giving subscribers year-long access to any Internxt package completely free.

Internxt boasts several privacy features:

  • Client side cloud encryption
  • Zero-knowledge encryption (other cloud services have permission to access your files)
  • A functional and intuitive interface
  • Encrypted file sharing
  • Desktop, mobile, and browser apps
  • Scalable for businesses

This is undoubtedly a strong addition to Ivacy VPN’s already-impressive roster of features.

What do we think?

Secure and private cloud storage is vital. But VPN services need to focus on being transparent, fast, and secure. Throwing endless bells and whistles into the feature list isn’t enticing, it just comes across as needy.

If you’re already using Ivacy VPN then this is a strong addition. But we’re doubtful anyone is going to jump ship from Express VPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost, or any other VPN provider to join Ivacy VPN for 12 months of free cloud storage. After all, Internxt gives you 10GB for free…

What do you think?