Is it Worth Subscribing to a VPN?

Is a VPN worth it?

You’ve seen the adverts for VPNs. They promise you can stay secure and private online, encrypt your data, hide your IP address, let you watch Netflix from other countries, and put the cat out.

Well, maybe not that last bit.

The point is, VPNs promise a lot, for not very much money. For less than a tenner a month, you can have encrypted internet. At the very least, this will protect public Wi-Fi connections at cafes and shopping centres.

But is it worth the effort of downloading and installing VPN software on your various devices, and paying the monthly fee? After all, the encryption only protects you between your device and the VPN server. Facebook, Amazon, Google, and any other site you use still knows its you visiting. They leave cookies on your computer, your account is probably set to automatically sign in.

It’s privacy, but it isn’t all that private.

The truth is, websites have a whole selection of ways to monitor your activity. It doesn’t matter if the IP address is hidden behind a VPN server – websites can follow your account, check your location, information about your PC and browser and other digital fingerprints.

It’s Not Just Privacy – VPNs Help Online Security

Knowing this might raise question marks about the point of a VPN. Do you really need one if you’re not all that hidden? Well, yes you do. As noted above, VPNs are vital for wireless connections. The risk of an unencrypted Wi-Fi signal being intercepted is considerable. It’s laughably easy for a savvy hacker to sit nearby with a laptop or even a phone and “sniffer” software, designed to capture your credentials as you access the web.

An encrypted internet connection courtesy of a VPN can protect you from this. Your data is unreadable once encrypted. With the proliferation of working from home following the COVID-19 pandemic is another reason why a VPN should be adopted if you’re not already using one.

The cost of a VPN is minimal compared with the online protection is can give you. Some VPN services even add to the protection, with malware and adware blockers. And the importance of a VPN to anyone living under oppressive conditions speaks for itself.

Netflix, Torrents, Grabbing Bargains: a VPN Pays for Itself

VPNs hide your IP address. Web servers use your IP address to determine what content you can view.  Consider the popularity of VPN servers with Netflix support, so UK subscribers can access the US Netflix library. Torrenting can also be made private, activity hidden away from your ISP. Meanwhile, traffic management (known as throttling) by your ISP will no longer result in slower speeds. Your encrypted data cannot be identified or categorized, so your internet speed will improve somewhat, especially at peak times.

And VPNs can even help you grab a bargain. Hotel and travel websites have been known to present different prices for the same location or flight to customers viewing through a standard internet connection and a VPN. There’s a good opportunity here to save money—cash that might pay for your VPN subscription.

VPN: Totally Worth the Money

As you can see, VPNs are worth it. The monthly cost is negligible, and if you pay in advance then you get a big discount. Further, most VPN services offer a free trial or money back period. So even if you don’t like using the VPN, you’re not out of pocket.

It’s our belief that everyone can benefit from a VPN subscription. Use our table below to find the VPN that suits you best.

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