NordVPN Releases Results of New PwC Audit


Prominent VPN provider NordVPN has released the details of its second audit. The Swiss-based VPN has once again contracted PricewaterhouseCoopers AG Switzerland (PwC Switzerland) – to independently analyze its service.

Following news that Mullvad VPN has completed its first independent audit, NordVPN’s second audit has a wider remit than its first. While the first audit evaluated its no-logs claims (a practice I had the opportunity to see in action for TechRadar), a broader evaluation practices was requested for this latest audit.

This time, PwC Switzerland considered:

  • Interviews with NordVPN employees
  • Server configurations
  • Technical logs
  • Other servers in use at NordVPN (including Double VPN and P2P servers)

PwC’s audit is a “point in time” assessment, the report based only on what was seen when granted access to NordVPN’s service between May 20th and May 28th 2020.

PwC Switzerland concluded that NordVPN has not violated its no-logs promise. NordVPN subscribers can check the full results of the audit via the website, and NordVPN states it will conduct further examinations in future.

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