Enjoy Anonymous Video Search with PeteyVid

Petey Web video search

When you use YouTube, Google knows. Browsing videos on other platforms leaks your personal data too. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, it’s reassuring to be able to view videos and other online content without the feeling that someone is watching.

With so many video streaming alternatives, all with differing privacy policies, not to mention an online archive of videos dating back decades with multiple playback formats, there is a risk that material could be lost or remain undiscovered. So, what is the solution?

Well, it’s looking increasingly privacy-centric video search engine Petey Vid, which has recently announced that it has indexed more than half a billion (530 million) videos.

Petey Vid outshines its competitors by allowing users to seamlessly search 70+ major video platforms. This list includes YouTube, DailyMotion, even Facebook. Accessing these videos is anonymous – a quick check shows that you can watch Facebook videos via Peter Vid without it showing on your Facebook log.

Further, the search engine also provides results from the Wayback Machine internet archive, and support for legacy media in RealPlayer, QuickTime, and Windows Media formats.

“We are happy to provide users with a crucial search tool to navigate and find videos they want regardless of their source, with the added bonus of searching in a safe and private manner,” says CTO and founder Craig J. Stadler.

Head over to www.peteyvid.com to use the search engine. You’ll notice this privacy friendly site doesn’t use invasive cookies, and relies instead on Patreon and merchandise to support it. That’s another feather in its cap, in our opinion.

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