3 Reasons to Protect Your Family With a VPN

A VPN can protect your family and keep everyone, young and old, safe online. Here’s why every family should use a VPN.

1. Protect Your Family’s Privacy

There are several ways hackers can intrude on your family. First, open Wi-Fi networks are a big risk that shouldn’t be used without a VPN.

Second, home Wi-Fi routers provided by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) often ship with a default username and password. Other vulnerabilities can also subvert your home security, making it easy for hackers to intrude into your network.

Third, ISPs and other internet services can monitor activity, from web searches to where you are. There are plenty of reasons why you wouldn’t want this information shared – especially if it pertains to your children.

With most VPN providers offering mobile apps and multiple connections, there’s no reason your partner and children shouldn’t have a top VPN on their phones.

2. Increase Your Internet Speed

Looking for a faster internet package but can’t justify the increased bill?

Incredibly, a VPN can increase the speed of your internet connection, particularly at peak times.

It works like this: your ISP throttles internet activity of certain types at peak times. So, for example, streaming Netflix is faster with less buffering during the day than at night. This is because the ISP can easily detect traffic to Netflix.

But your ISP cannot identify where encrypted traffic is headed. As a result, your data is not throttled, resulting in faster internet in peak times.

Faster internet for the price of a coffee every month.

3. Avoid Price Targeting and Save Money

Managing a family budget is hard, especially in these troubled times. It’s good to be able to find savings. What if I told you that a VPN can pay for itself—and perhaps even make you some money?

It works like this.

Online stores display different prices for the same items depending on where you’re based.

So, an online shopper viewing a handbag in London might see a higher price for the same bag than a potential buyer in Dublin. It might be something different, of course, anything from a pair of shoes to a hotel room or even a flight.

Encrypting your connection with a VPN and then selecting successive servers from different countries will reveal whether there is a cheaper option. Once you’ve found it, simply sign in and buy the item for the lower price. Keep an eye on the shipping costs, however.

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These are just three of the reasons you should be using a VPN. If you’re not already, now is the time to start. Check our VPN comparison table below for the best VPNs currently available.