How CompareVPNs Makes Money, and Why

CompareVPN was set up with a simple aim: to ensure everyone uses a good, reliable, trustworthy, and affordable VPN.

How does CompareVPNs make money?

Running any website is expensive. CompareVPNs relies on a small team. Marketing costs, hosting, and wages are covered thanks to:

Commission: when you click on a VPN link on our site, you’ll be taken to that VPN service’s website to confirm the subscription. When that happens, they pay us fee (commission). You don’t lose out here—that fee doesn’t impact the cost of your VPN subscription.

Sponsored links: some VPN providers might pay a commission to highlight a particular deal or deals. In this case, the deal will be marked as a special offer. Again, there is no disadvantage to you.

Paid search: if you’ve seen paid adverts for CompareVPNs, the resulting commission generated by extra visitors to the site also contributes to our running costs.

How do you rank your VPN comparison tables?

The idea for tables comes from car insurance and banking comparison sites. Ranking our favourite VPN services is based on how popular they are. However, we plan to improve the ranking table with more usability features.

Who is behind CompareVPNs?

CompareVPNs was set up by Christian Cawley, an IT writer with over 10 years’ experience with VPNs and online security software. Learn more on Christian Cawley’s LinkedIn page.