#ScamAware: “Rethink the Internet” Says OpenVPN

Be ScamAware

OpenVPN CEO and Co-Founder Francis Dinha has discussed the challenges facing the internet and the somewhat inevitable fact that its long term survival depends on an overhaul that enshrines freedom, privacy, security, and net neutrality.

Writing in Forbes, Dinha highlights that the internet has “Culturally, and practically… become an essential part of our day-to-day lives.

From a personal privacy point of view, this is vital to understand. The early days of the World Wide Web were considered a “Wild West” – the current era can be compared to prohibition era Chicago, with vast networks of organised cybercrime. With so many scams targeting people on all platforms – online, telephone, even the doorstep despite COVID-19 social distancing – June’s #ScamAware campaign from the UK Citizens Advice Bureau has come along at the right time to underline Dinha’s concerns.

As noted, a solution will come along. But as things stand, the only reliable option that anyone can use is a VPN. “We need another layer of security over the internet in order for it to really be a free space,” Sinha states, and you can see why.

VPNs are not the answer to the future of the internet – but right now they are the best we have. Check our comparison table below to find a VPN that suits you, or for a quick recommendation, NordVPN is giving CompareVPN readers a huge 70% discount.

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