BullGuard VPN Launches

Bullguard VPN

Security software publisher BullGuard, best known for its desktop and mobile antivirus and internet security suites, has entered the VPN market with BullGuard VPN.

Boasting over 2000 BullGuard VPN servers in 16 countries, the service is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS and comes in one, two, and three year plans. You can also protect up to six devices with a single account, and prices start from as little as £2.70 a month.

A New VPN Provider?

Does the industry need another VPN provider? This is debatable. It is an increasingly crowded market comprising big names and enthusiasts, as well as scammers. A trusted security software brand brand BullGuard does at least introduce another name into the mix that potential customers can rely on.


Bullguard VPN

However, this does come with a slight disadvantage: anonymity is likely to take a hit. Most VPNs record the bare minimum of information about you. BullGuard, as an existing supplier of antivirus, antimalware, and other PC security software, already records more than most VPNs. Further there is the possibility that while the VPN doesn’t log your activity, another app from the publisher might.

This remains supposition, of course – there is no evidence that BullGuard or any other publisher is hijacking data in this way. But long-term VPN users will no doubt be reluctant to switch to a provider with an existing database of personal details.

If you’re already using BullGuard security software and want to add a VPN to your security and privacy precautions, it makes sense to remain with the same publisher. 

Sadly, BullGuard VPN doesn’t offer a trial option for you to sample the service. However, we’ll be taking a look at BullGuard VPN in the coming weeks.

(Via PCR-Online)

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